A New Year, A New Challenge

As your new 2019-2020 Terrible Tiger of the California Jaycee Order of the Tigers, I am excited to present a new challenge to our members this year.

My challenge is TARPS, TENTS & TOILETRIES because I wish to make this the year where we help our homeless. I am asking all members to donate their unused soaps, shampoos and lotions they acquire from hotel stays as well as toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss or any other small hygiene items they choose to pick up at the store. I am also asking for tarps and small pop-up tents and all of these items will be donated to the Salvation Army where they will be passed out to those in need. Social Services will give tarps and tents to those who have no shelter and this will be happening in the north as well as southern California.

We will also be raising money for TARPS, TENTS & TOILETRIES at each of our quarterly meetings by accepting a $10 donation for poker games to be played at the close of our Tiger Meetings. If you don't wish to play poker you will be free to leave or stay and watch. Those who play will receive chips for their cash and at the end of the night the chips can be turned in for tickets for raffle prizes. There will also be a chance to purchase tickets for a couple of year-end grand prizes.

My wish for my year as your Terrible Tiger is to make a difference in the lives of those in need while having some fun. I hope to see many old and new Tigers at our meetings August 16-18th in San Bernardino, November 8-10th in Sacramento, February 21-23rd in La Mirada and May TBA. I hope to help out any Jaycee chapters in need of manpower over the next year and also induct new Tigers in to our Jaycee Order of the Tigers.

Please join me and our fellow Tigers as we embark on another exciting year and meaningful journey as Tigers by remembering that "Service to humanity is the best work of life"!

Beth Murphy Terrible Tiger #43


2019-2020 Tiger Board

Beth Murphy - Terrible Tiger #43

Jeanne Vanderhyde - Tired Tiger #42

Lynne Hansen - Nasty Tiger

Terry Meyer - Tight Tiger

James Wilkins - Tiger Paw

Beth Fujishige - Tiger-at-Arms

Brian Omatsu - Tiger Tamer

Judy Keating - Director

Toby Throne - Director

Joe A. Souza - Chaplain

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