Senate Educational Scholarship Program


The California Jaycees Foundation Educational Scholarship Program provides scholastic funding to graduating high school seniors in California, who plan to continue their education at accredited post-secondary colleges, universities or vocational schools.  The grants must be used for educational expenses in the first year of full-time study.  Checks awarded will be made out in the name of the recipient and the educational institution of their choice.

Applications must come from California high school students who are U.S. Citizens graduating from U.S. accredited schools. This may include state approved home school and state approved GED programs, cyber schools, and overseas U.S. approved schools.

The recipients of the California Jaycee Senate scholarships will be forwarded to the United States JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship Program Review Committee for participation on the national level. The United States JCI Senate Foundation was established on January 10, 1986 and received official designation as a permanent 501 C(3) foundation in 1991.  The scholarship program was established in 1987 to provide scholastic funding to eligible high school seniors.

From September to November of each year, the California JCI Senate distributes to schools and boards of education throughout the state the necessary application forms for determination of the recipients of scholarship grants. The deadline for return of the completed application forms to the state chairperson is in January of each year.

A panel of judge’s reviews each application received and the two top ranked applications per state are forwarded to the U.S. JCI Senate Foundation. No limit is set on the number of grant applications that can be submitted by students attending any given secondary educational institution. Eligibility is based on a student’s state of residence rather than the location of the college, university, or vocational school the student plans to attend.

The California U.S. JCI Senate Foundation is proud of all of its award recipients and will continue to support this program for the benefit of the future leaders of our country.

Further information and Applications can be found on the Senate website or by contacting the California Senate Chairman, Lynn Hansen at